Sleep is a wonderful thing. After a long, trying day there’s nothing more satisfying than climbing into a large, comfortable bed and drifting off to sleep for an ideal length of time. Sometimes, however, life happens and responsibilities and/or fun get in the way of a proper night’s rest.

Most people would claim that they need a certain amount of sleep to function like a normal human being, but I’m here to tell you that surviving on little to no sleep can sometimes be a really good decision.

Think of How Much You Can Accomplish

One of the greatest weaknesses of humankind is the need for sleep. There’s so much wasted time in a day spent dreaming restfully. I’m a person who enjoys his free time above all else, so sleep seems like more of a burden than a welcome necessity.

On weekends, I tend to get up around the same time I’m forced out of bed for work and it ends up adding almost another full day to my weekend. I’m able to get up, grab a shower, get dressed and accomplish all of my morning errands like grocery shopping and exercise well before most people are awake on their days off.

By 10:00 AM, all my responsibilities are taken care of and I’m left with a day full of whatever the fuck I want it to be full of. Maybe I’ll head to the pumpkin patch, prepare a lovely Sunday dinner, or sit around watching 12 hours of football in my boxers drinking hot cider with bourbon in it. The choice is yours.

After a long day of work, I’d rather unwind doing things I personally enjoy rather than spending that time sleeping. It’s those hours between 5:00pm and when I have to return to work that I’m able to dive deeply into my own personal hobbies and side business pursuits, so I cherish the time that my eyes are kept open.

Feel the Surge of Creativity

As a creatively-inclined person, I also find that sleep deprivation has a very positive effect on my animus. Just like small doses of caffeine and alcohol, a moderate amount of sleep deprivation can give you just enough of a perspective shift to allow the muse to take hold.

Often times, my best writing comes on days when I’ve gotten 5 or less hours of sleep. Despite feeling like a zombie, there’s an odd overall sense of mental clarity that comes with pushing yourself to complete tasks without a full recharge.

Work Sleepier

Interestingly, sleeplessness can make you more productive. It takes discipline to survive on little sleep and this manifests itself in the form of an enhanced resolve to do good work.

Also, when you’re exhausted, you tend to find the most direct route to a solution. Instead of dragging your feet on tasks, you’re compelled to face challenges head on. You’re more efficient and more results-oriented because you don’t have the mental stamina to stagger your workflow.

You Can Hang

No one likes the one friend who can never stay awake during a party or event. You don’t want to be that guy or girl who gets penises and slurs written on their face as punishment for passing out with your shoes on.

It’s the truly cool people who are the last ones awake and these are the people who also have the most fun. Think of all the interesting conversations, laughs, romantic opportunities, or friendly bonding you’ll miss if your eyes are closed.

Whether you’re dancing your ass off to house music at a warehouse club or ruling the roost in a rousing game of “Kings,” you’ll be far more respected if you can stay awake.

Don’t Sleep on This

Whatever your reason may be for not being able to get a full night’s sleep, I applaud you for your foray into the world of modest rest.

Life is fleeting and experiences are invaluable. You can sleep when you’re dead.

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