where to buy cheap retro video games

When hanging out with the same friends over and over again, sometimes it can be difficult to find something fun to do. You’re sick of talking about work, their kids, or the weather and, outside of the usual bar excursions, dinner dates, movie nights or shitty board games (except Scrabble or Settlers of Catan–them shits is dope!), you have to get creative when you want to imbibe alcohol in an entertaining fashion alongside long-time friends.

Why not find a good multiplayer game for some couch co-op and digitally-inspired drinking games?

“Those games are too expensive and I never have friends over to play them enough to be worth the ~$60 investment,” you defiantly proclaim.

Fortunately, there are ridiculously cheap ways to obtain these multiplayer party games and you’d be a fool not to grab a few for a rainy day.

Here’s how:


A largely unexplored resource for cheap video games are those little kiosks outside of most Walmarts, CVS pharmacies, and grocery stores. They’re called RedBox and they’re full of surprises.

You’re probably already familiar with them because they’re pretty ubiquitous across America, but you may be under the false impression that they’re just for RENTING games. I thought the same thing until quite recently.

It turns out that many of them sell some of the used copies of their games and they sell them absurdly cheap. You don’t get the box art or instruction manuals, but who honestly cares about that when it’s a throwaway game anyway? Just this weekend I picked up Halo 5: Guardians for under $9.

Do yourself and your wallet a favor and explore some of these kiosks around your town for some unusually affordable deals.

Simply go to the “rent games” button and look for a tab along the bottom marked “for sale.” Here, you’ll be able to scroll through lists of the video games held within the kiosk for purchase. When you’ve made your selection, add them to your cart, swipe a credit card and you’re on your way.


Most people are familiar with eBay. They’ve been around since the dawn of the internet and basically invented online product auctions.

What you may not realize, however, is that eBay is a goldmine for low-priced video games and accessories.

Using the “Buy It Now” feature, you can find thousands of listings for video games with free shipping.

This site is especially useful for retro video games.

If you’re into Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis, take the time to look for “cartridge only” listings and dig up some forgotten gems. Pick up a few extra controllers while you’re at it and you’ll be ready for your next 90s video game night.

Newer games are available too and you’ll be surprised how much their price drops off just a few months after their release.


SlickDeals is a wonderful resource for sales on any item you can imagine. Become a member and make sure to search daily for products that interest you.

Members share deals they find, the community votes and offers helpful feedback for the best deals, and the SlickDeals administrators pick and choose the best-of-the-best offers based on votes and feedback.

It’s basically a compendium for current coupons or flash sales happening across the internet. Whether it’s a TV with free shipping, an overstock item with a slashed price, or a video game bundle on sale for a few days, there’s always a bargain to be had.

Whatever game you’re looking for, type it into the search bar and see what kind of deals pop up. If you’re lucky, there will be an upcoming or ongoing sale for the title you’re looking for. Click through the link and you’ll be taken instantly to the checkout page.

So the next time you’re fiending for a drunken video game night with friends, shop around. You never know what kind of treasures you can find that won’t drain your wallet.

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