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Have you ever been sitting in a movie theater, surrounded by snot-nosed kids, mouth-breathers, loud-talking douche bags and teenagers on their cellphones and wished you had an alcoholic beverage? Instead of sneaking in a bag of boxed wine in an over-sized purse, maybe you should consider visiting the Movie Tavern.

Boasting some of the largest, most comfortable seats in the business, a full service chef-inspired food menu, more leg room than you can shake a stick at, and any kind of booze-y beverage you can think of, the Movie Tavern is a great place to spend your evenings.

Recently, my girlfriend Heather convinced me to check out one of these venues, as she’d been to several with her friends, and I was excited about the prospect of trying out a different kind of movie going experience.

We went to see Sausage Party, that hilariously raunchy kid-unfriendly cartoon by Seth Rogen and the gang, and we were greeted with an older, yet somehow equally raucous crowd. Seated in one of the front rows, I noted the large trays and cup holders attached to each chair as well as the insanely large amount of leg room. The seats reclined and were upholstered in some pretty comfortable fake leather. So far, I was pleased.

The rest of the theater was large, open, and new looking. The décor was pretty standard movie theater fare, but it fit the setting well. At least 10 servers buzzed around the room servicing guests before the previews even started rolling.

Before I even had the chance to press the button to summon one of the servers, a friendly gentleman came up, asked if we’d ever been there before, and explained how much he loved working there. After taking our drink and food order, he ducked out of the way and didn’t return until he had our dishes in hand.

Smartly, he also asked for my credit card ahead of time, so I wouldn’t need to wait around after the movie to pay him. Obviously, this is to reduce the number of dine and dashers, but it also worked in the context of allowing me to exit the theater in a speedy fashion once the film had concluded.

The service was speedy and friendly. The servers made an effort to sit on the bars in front of the seats when taking orders or bringing food, crouching out of the way so as not to disturb anyone else in the viewing audience.

Heather ordered a margherita flatbread pizza and I got honey chipotle chicken sliders that were served on King’s Hawaiian rolls. The food came out promptly in the first 15 minutes of the film and everything was hot and delicious.

In the last 20 minutes of the film, the server returned to collect our dishes and give us our check. This was honestly the only part of the experience I feel could be improved upon.

It was a climactic scene in the movie and I had to contend with a server crouching in front of me, obscuring my view and talking to me when I was trying to absorb the third act. In his defense, he saved me the trouble of having to go around looking for him after the feature in order to pay and leave, but his timing could have been a little better. Maybe in the future, consider coming in during the late second act when the story is dragging a bit.

If that’s my only complaint, however, I’d say the Movie Tavern is an absolutely successful business idea and it’s executed nearly flawlessly. The experience was fun, the food was delicious, the service was speedy and friendly and I didn’t feel like I was jam-packed into a crowded theater despite being a near sell-out crowd.

I will definitely be returning again and I advise any of you that live in driving distance of a Movie Tavern to take the plunge and check one out. It may be just the cinematic experience you’re looking for.

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