Since the creation of Surviving Social’s “Nostalgia” section, the goal has been to entertain and elicit the sentiment associated with all things pop culture from the forgotten decade. It’s important to recapture that essence to combat the growing apathy and cynicism regarding our current state of existence.

The 90s always had an overwhelming feeling of intangible perfection. This was a decade of grunge rock, slick two-timing presidents, unforgettable sitcoms, colorful and nutritionally-devoid snack foods, and endless amounts of fun. Those days, before cell phones and social networking, were part of the last generation of children who discovered and appreciated life on their own terms.

When you heard a dirty word on the schoolyard, in movie theaters, or from your parents, you didn’t go home and google it to find out what it meant. You were forced to ask older kids, older siblings, or creepy homeless men outside of the local 7-11 what it meant. This overabundance of readily-available information is a detriment to society.

Kids don’t go outside anymore. As a child, I almost never spent the days indoors. Our summers were filled with neighborhood-wide games of manhunt and I knew every backyard on my street as if it were my own. Kids were allowed to be kids. I’d only come back inside for lunch, dinner, and when 9 o’clock rolled around.

You didn’t call your friend on their cell phones or text them when you wanted to hang out, you walked over to their house and knocked on the door. Their mom would make you snacks and you’d spend the rest of the day getting dirty and getting into trouble.

The only TV you watched was morning cartoons and TGIF. Video games were colorful and pixel-based and their annoyingly repetitive, electronic music was a welcome sound on a rainy day. Climbing trees, dangling your feet from branches, you felt alive. You had your first kiss in a tree house and you knew how to talk to people without using abbreviations and smiley faces.

This was a magical time and I feel like the older I get, the more I lose touch with these memories and the feelings associated with them. If there’s any cognizance after death, which I must admit I don’t believe in, then I hope it’s an eternal dream in which I relive these times. It was the careless freedom of youth where the lack of responsibility and worries made way for an endless heap of imagination and happiness. I guess we never realized how good we had it.

I wanted to clarify that the purpose of the nostalgia section of Surviving Social is dedicated to the atmosphere of the 90s and all of the emotions it stirs up. Good or bad, every piece of 90s pop culture produces a different set of images and each one of these images is valuable. Let me help you take a trip down memory lane and remember fondly all of those things you thought you had forgotten.

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