Unlike the last 3 times, I had totally forgotten about the Nick Box subscription this go around until I got an email notification in my inbox that it had shipped.

Life has been pretty busy lately and I haven’t had the time to keep up on my usual pointless 90s obsessions. However, this actually worked out well because it was a nice little surprise that I wasn’t actively waiting for.

Like all the previous, I’m in love with this subscription box. Every single one has been an absolute joy to comb through and, while some items are less desirable than others, the overall package, creativity, and presentation is more than worth the $50/quarter price tag.

It’s time to dive into the Nick Box 4: Summer Block Party Mix Tape!


Hey Arnold! Tumbler

It’s just your average tumbler with a Hey Arnold! Insert, but Gerald and Arnold just look so happy.

They’re jamming out to a boom box in the park, playing football, and riding bikes together.

This item is a good visual representation of an average kid’s summertime haunts and sets the mood for the rest of the box.

Nickelodeon Retro Bumper T-Shirt

Surprisingly, the t-shirts that come from these Nick boxes are actually well-made. I’ve worn the Rocko’s Modern Life polo several times and my Chuckie Finster shirt is still kicking too.

I’m a huge fan of the Nickelodeon retro bumpers, so I plan on wearing this shirt as soon as possible. 31 years old or not, I rep Nickelodeon until the day I die.

Rocko’s Modern Life Conglom-O Koozie

I have so many koozies and I almost never use them, but if I had to use one it would probably be this Rocko’s Modern Life Conglom-O koozie that keeps your cans of beer cold while also promoting everyone’s favorite evil mega corporation.

TMNT Ice Cream Vinyl

I feel like they were kind of running out of ideas with this one, but I get where they’re coming from.

Everyone remembers the ice cream man and everyone remembers that the ice cream man always carried at least one version of this brand of popsicle.

Basically, they’re a softer, almost sorbet-like ice pops representing some large brand’s mascot with gumballs for eyes.

As a child, there was a baseball glove version where the gumball had painted on stitching, a Super Mario one, and this TMNT-branded iteration that probably had the longest shelf life.

Nowadays, they’re plastered with Spongebob’s face.

While this kind of popsicle does represent summers in the 90s extremely well, it really has nothing to do with Nickelodeon outside of the fact that Nickelodeon now owns the rights to TMNT cartoons.

This item seems unfortunate and out of place and could have been replaced with something more relevant like Stimpy in a pool or a Hey, Dude! Cowboy hat.

Nicktoons Mini Bean Bag Toss Desktop Cornhole Game

Here we have the pièce de résistance of the whole set.

If you’ve ever been drunk and in college, chances are you know the game of Cornhole.

You have 2 slanted wooden rectangles with holes in them set a certain distance apart and each team has to try and throw tiny bean bags into the other team’s board.

Basically, this is a desktop version of that game. This one has wooden legs that fold out and it’s plastered with all kinds of images of different Nicktoons.

Even if I end up just throwing this on a shelf and looking at it, it’s most certainly the most attractive and practical part of this whole set.

Hey Arnold! Gerald Planter Vase

While this vase looks an awful lot like a bong and could easily be fashioned into one, the detail on Gerald’s head is worthy of applause.

I don’t foresee myself putting flowers in this thing, but I could definitely fill it with pens or miniature candies or a bunch of Micro Machines.

Spongebob Squarepants Hat and Spatula

Every Nick Box has a cosplay component, and I definitely appreciate the simplicity of this tiny plush hat and shorter-than-average spatula.

Now, you can cook Crabby Patties in the comfort of your own home in your underwear while wearing this hat and humming the Spongebob Squarepants theme song.

Just please, for the love of Yahweh, do not let anyone see.

Aahh!!! Real Monsters Chip Clips

I like the idea of including chip clips in this box instead of the usual patches or pins.

While I love the detail and aesthetic quality of patches and pins, I never actually use them. I’m always scrambling for a piece of fabric hanging in my room somewhere or an old backpack to attach them too and they never get the respect they deserve.

These chip clips, like the Rugrats coasters in the first box, are something that I will likely use every day.

I always need chip clips and staring at the heads of Oblina, Ickis, and Krumm only makes me want to use them more often.

Hey Arnold! Bobblehead

While I’m by no means a “bobblehead guy,” I can admire them for their kitschy value.

This Hey Arnold! bobblehead is smaller than your average bobblehead,  but it’s got a nice scale and doesn’t suffer from that “giant head” stereotype.

Arnold already has a big enough, football-shaped head and it doesn’t need to be exaggerated any further.

Now he sits alongside my Christmas-themed Baby Groot bobblehead as he’s the only other one in my collection of desk toys.

Rugrats Spike Poseable Plush

I never know what to do with plushes, so they always end up bunched together on a crowded shelf.

I always loved Rugrats as a kid, however, and Spike is a great supporting character. He’s always there to help Tommy out of a jam and cause a general, messy ruckus around the Pickles’ household.

I like that this is a poseable plush, though, as the wires inside allow you to place Spike in more customizable positions without fear of him falling over.


Once again, while it’s never perfect, the Nick Box exceeds my expectations and leaves me excited for the next round of random nostalgic treasures.

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