If you’re in the kitchen as often as I am, chances are you own or have been gifted lots of knives and cutting implements. While they’re an important cornerstone of any good food preparation space, where do you keep them?
I’ve been on a search for the last few months, scouring Amazon and other kitchen supply websites and stores to find a way to store knives that is less restrictive than a knife set’s prepackaged block.
The generic, included knife storage options are limited by the size of their knife slots and generally can’t support any standalone knives you buy later. They also full your knives slightly each time they’re dragged along the sides of the wooden slot.
I’ve also considered the magnetic strip drilled into the wall that can hold your cutlery. They’re aesthetically pleasing, don’t damage the blades, and seem like the perfect solution. Unfortunately, they magnetize your knives over time, making sharpening an unnecessarily arduous task as the shavings stick to the blade. Additionally, the magnets are not strong enough to support your heavier cleavers.
With that said, where else can you turn?
I discovered a middle ground that is both functional and aesthetically appealing and fits any and all types of knives. I’ve been using the Mantello XL Universal Bamboo Wood Knife Block since I found it throughout my research, and I’m very happy so far.

The Good

  • Adaptable bristle design allows for any knife to fit in any arrangement
  • Clean and minimalistic design that fits in with any kitchen decor
  • Supports odd shapes such as scissors or honing tools
  • Reusable for any future cutlery purchases

The Bad

  • The bristles can bend out of place with too much force
  • Arranging knives symmetrically is a manual process

The Pitch

The Mantello XL Universal Bamboo Wood Knife Block is a great option for people who own disparate knife sets or have large cleavers that need a place to be safely stored.

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