the 5 golden rules for binge watching tv shows with your significant other

In this age of the hopeful death of cable television and the proliferation of content-first, choice-driven streaming services, it’s in your best interest to learn how to binge watch media appropriately with your other half.

Follow these simple rules of binge watching etiquette to keep your relationship from becoming a rocky situation.

Have a Side Piece

We’re all autonomous human beings with specific wants, needs, and interest. It’s only natural that the two of you will have different tastes in shows sometimes, so keep that in mind.

When you’re by your lonesome, have a show or several shows to fall back on.

This holds you back from considering the cardinal sin of binge watching a show with another person: watching ahead.

Don’t Watch Ahead

If you have any sort of moral compass, don’t be that person who watches ahead when their lover is away, at work, or asleep.

There’s a romantic kinship to watching the most satisfying or shocking beats in a television show together and seeing how your reactions differ or coincide. It gives you some interesting talking points.

If my girlfriend were to watch ahead in a show we were both fully invested it, I would feel like she’s cheating on me.

If You Do Watch Ahead, Accept the Consequences

I get it. Some of you are weak-willed addicts who can’t stomach stopping a show once you start. I’ve been there.

If you’re going to sink to that level, at least have the decency to accept your responsibility. Watch the episodes over again with your boo and don’t say a fucking word of protest about it.

And, for the love of E.L. Fudge, don’t you dare utter a single spoiler, even if it’s vague or ambiguous. Any allusion to what happens in the show immediately reserves you a permanent seat in the halls of assholedom.

Agree on What to Watch Next

Like finishing an incredible book, there’s a sense of mild depression that comes along with the end of a series.

Prepare for the inevitable with a golden parachute of quality programming to turn to in your darkest hours.

If you’re smart (which you are if you’re reading this blog), then have several shows lined up. Stick to the list of agreed upon shows from different genres and decide on which mood suits you best for the next viewing party.


On the reverse side, if you’re never available to watch episodes with your significant other, you can’t blame them for watching ahead.

It’s more than probable that they’re going to overhear spoilers out in the everyday world of work and life, if it’s a current show, and this creates a horrible situation.

If you’ve agreed on binging a show together, make sure you don’t blue ball the other person for too long. Especially if it’s a really dramatic show that always ends on a cliffhanger, it’s impossible to wait extended periods of time between episodes.

You must commit to your media consumption as a couple and stick to it and your relationship will, in turn, flourish.

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